Mike and Eleven

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Stranger Things fans be ready! I attempted to make a video about the relationship between Eleven and Mike over the two seasons that are out on Netflix! Spoiler alert if you haven’t watched the second season yet!


Digital Storytelling

A poem for everyone in my Digital Storytelling class:

From daily creates to audio scenes,
Sherlock Holmes to the Battlestar fiends.

Way back in August and now it’s December,
Our first post on slack, do you remember?

Each of us different, but all of us great,
So many fun projects, I just cannot wait—

To see everyone’s final, the suspense is so high,
Why oh why must this class say goodbye.

Represent 106

Just a little thinking outside the box on representing 106 in a unique way!

Bizarre Beach

On our annual trip to Rehoboth Beach a rain storm came out of no where in a matter of minutes and I was able to capture it!

Rainbow Church

My friends and I took a trip to DC to find some building artwork and this was one of my favorite pictures we took.



Here is my interpretation of turning a word into an illustration of what it means!

Fan Fiction Sherlock

Today is Wednesday March 14th. Sherlock and I are still in Dartmoor investigating the reports of a gigantic hound that is lurking in the hollows. Henry Knight, the young man who brought this case to our door, accompanied Sherlock and I yesterday evening to visit the hollows in the hope to catch a glimpse of this hound. I fear that Sherlock saw something out there that his mind cannot explain. He seems to be very shaken up and refuses to talk. He claims, without a doubt, to have seen the hound with his own eyes. I fear his mind is suffering with this loss to understand what he saw and how to move forward.

Dr. John Watson

Pop Art

This is a picture of my friend’s nephew posing with a statue at the National Harbor that I turned into pop art!