Future Classroom


Here is where I will be posting stuff that I might want to use when I become a teacher!


Literacy Resources:

Learning A-Z is an incredible resource for literacy instruction in the elementary classroom! They have a diverse collection of reading resources with 29 levels of reading difficulty to choose from. Not only is there access to assessments and guided lesson plans, but there is an online program for the students that is full of games and activities so they can practice on their own.



Scholastic is great for teacher, parent and student resources. Teachers can find things from lesson plans to classroom magazines. Students and parents can look at book recommendations and find at home activities. There are also tabs for administrators and librarians. There is everything from book fair information to guided reading programs .



Disability Resources:

With a growing population of students who have been identified to have disabilities, teachers need to be prepared with information and resources to help each student that walks through their door. I will make a list of disabilities here and a webpage with more information on them.



Brain Break:

GoNoodle helps teachers and parents get kids moving with short interactive activities. Desk-side movement helps kids achieve more by keeping them engaged and motivated throughout the day.



BrainPOP Homepage

BrainPOP has games for students in all subjects, as well as quick educational videos teachers can show to the class. There are also resources for ELL students on the website. You can also find BrainPOP Jr. which is for grades K-3. In all, BrainPOP is a god way to get students learning in a fun way that will encourage them.